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               Fanatec Announces New CSL Elite PS4 Wheel
              Now Available in Europe and Australia

In a release today, Fanatec has announced its new PS4™ wheel called the Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel – officially licensed for PS4™.

 Officially licensed for PS4™

"Through partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, the CSL Elite Racing Wheel works seamless with all PS4™ and PS4™ Pro consoles.

The wheel is fully supported within the PS4™ menu and developers will be able to take advantage of the wheels cutting-edge capabilities in their future games."

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The Wait Is Over copy 3





 Exclusively through your friends at Professional Simulation, the Ricmotech APX line of simulator chassis.

Time and again, the best and most flexible simulator chassis are built with t-slot extrusion, commonly referred to as 80-20. Undeniably, these contraptions end up looking more like industrial equipment and less like racing machines.

The APX simulators were designed to solve this problem by incorporating slotted extrusion where needed and smooth curving panels to bring it all together in a way only Ricmotech can.

(1) There are currently four models to choose from:
APX Barebones Chassis APX-A500   (2APX Barebones Chassis APX-A1000, (3APX Single Monitor Barebones Chassis APX-A2000, and (4APX Triple Monitor Barebones Chassis APX-A3000







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Professional Simulation is based in Trinidad and is the manufacturer and distributor of custom built driving simulators for commercial and private/home use, our simulators are used to enhance training for civilian and professional drivers of all types. We can outfit your fleet or business with state-of-the-art driving simulators to reinforce the importance of safe, defensive driving techniques, our simulators are custom made to suit your needs.

Professional Simulation does it all, we custom build our own PCs for quality control purposes to ensure problem-free operation and that you have the perfect driving experience. TrackIR 5 head tracking technology is used to link your actual movement in three-dimensional space to your in-sim view for total immersion. Our simulators are perfect for Driving Schools, and Emergency Management Services, such as police officers and paramedics etc. Driving simulators can be a great asset for teaching vehicle control in various weather conditions and other scenarios. Contact us for more information.



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Professional Simulation is your number one stop for anything simulation. Professional Simulation offers the best sim-racing chassis available, we can custom build your racing simulator to suit your needs, GT style, F1 style etc.
It’s time to put down your game controller, get off of the couch and get into a real racing seat, sit behind an actual steering wheel, gear shifter and pedals for a more immersive experience, feel what it’s like to drive your favorite race car on just about any race track in the world.

Professional Simulation builds the best racing simulators in Trinidad and Tobago, we can customize your simulator with just about anything, maybe you would like to add some fans to keep you cool while driving, or maybe a dashboard to make it more realistic, or maybe even a cup holder, your simulator will be custom built to ensure you a comfortable driving experience, we can also add transducers for you to feel the engine vibration and rumble strips, the impact of hitting a wall or even a crash, we even use head tracking software.
Professional Simulation can also add a real hand/e-brake lever for use with your favorite rally and drifting titles.

You can start out small (single screen with a Logitech G27 Racing wheel & pedal set) and work your way up to (triple screens & high-end PC with transducers for vibration and impacts) or go all out with a (Full Motion Racing Simulator with all the bells and whistles), the sky's the limit. Contact us for more information.


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Click the Picture to visit our YouTube channel.

Click the Picture to visit our YouTube channel.


Welcome to Professional Simulation’s YouTube channel “ProSim T&T”, here you can see Driving Simulation and PC related videos, Product Unboxings, Product Reviews, How To Videos, Repair Guides, Tech Videos, Setup Guides and so on.

We also make Game Play videos for iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, rFactor 2, and much more coming soon.
Professional Simulation would love to have you join our YouTube family, just click on the link to subscribe......"Subscribe Here"  

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Virtual Race Driver eBook


Do you find yourself asking "how do those alien sim racers go so fast?" Would you like to become one of the world's best sim racers ? Well, the Virtual Race Driver eBook will help you achieve just that, with some of the world's fastest sim racers sharing their performance secrets and sim racing tips and advice. Each sim racer gives their own unique perspective on how to break through that performance barrier that most mortal sim racers face. As well as giving their secrets to speed they also cover a wide range of different sim racing performance advice from learning specific tracks, mental performance advice, to general driving techniques, topping time trials and much more.

Virtual Race Driver’ focuses on professionals who’ve mastered a variety of racing titles including iRacing, , rFactor, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport etc.

Virtual Race Driver eBook Pic

Some of the Alien sim racers that are featured in this guide include:

Josh Martin,                                                                                       Bruno do Carmo,                                                                                        Nick McMillen,
15x Championship Winner sponsored by Thrustmaster,                           Fastest Sim Racer in Brazil with 10 championship titles in                              Works racing driver for Nissan,
Global #7 Ranked in Assetto Corsa, 10 + World Records.                        iRacing and RFactor.                                                                                   2013 US GT Academy champion

These are just a few among a long list of aliens that are featured in the Virtual Race Driver eBook, including the great Glen McGee  and  Michael G. Conti all of whose credentials are just too much to list here. For more information or to purchase your own copy the Virtual Race Driver eBook, click here.


ProSimTT.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program; an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.















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